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Synopsis of virtual . companies (How to do a Boot Strap Startup...)

This book is about the technical aspects of starting up a business and how to do it the smart way. This method entails utilizing a global workforce, with all of the servers and services that a small to medium sized business would need, while shedding the shackles of the business models that the entrepreneur left behind at their last work place.

Phone Systems and Network racks full of equipment are a thing of the past, as well as the building to put them all in. The new revolution in employment is in working from home, and this book will detail how to go about setting all of that up, starting with a simple one to three person company and moving that company to a medium sized company. Moderate technical experience is required (meaning that if the reader can navigate Facebook or E-Mail, they’ll be fine.)


Ah, the American Dream. It’s a very worthy goal. So you start thinking about what type of business you can start, preferably one that allows you to keep your day job, while building your future. One day, you have the perfect idea. You get several books about how to start a business in _________. Most of them are even pretty good. There’s just one problem. It sounds very expensive, just to get started.

There’s a better way. Let me show you how this can work, with a minimal amount of cash outlay.

Wait, you mean this isn’t a “Get Rich Working from Home in your PJs, for no money out of your Pocket” kind of book. Nope. Those books are next to mine. This will require a bit of an investment on your part. Not to me, though. It isn’t a multi-level marketing type of book either. I only get what you paid for this book. Nothing more.

So, yes, there will be a bit of cash outlay. It’s not as bad as you might be led to believe from reading all the other books though. This book is about the technology that you need to conduct business with in the 22nd century, and how you can make it all work. It works with ALL types of businesses, because all businesses have certain technology needs.

I will show you how to do it two different ways. The first way is the cheapest way. Hello, we’re all broke here. That’s why we are starting a side business in the first place, right? That means we don’t have a spare 300 grand to start up a business. The second way is when you’ve grown a bit and find yourself needing to have a little more control. This option DOES require that you are a lot more tech savy, or that you hire someone or get into business with someone who is. Sorry, that’s just the way it goes.

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